Downloading Tables

One of the goals of the BioQ project to enable bioinformaticians to implement their own local copies of these genomic relational databases using powerful database management systems such as free, open-source MySQL. We therefore provide a download facility that allows you download all the tables from the database in multiple formats. The downloads page is accessed from the BioQ home page by clicking Download in the row of any database in the database table. Below we show the downloads page for the 1000 Genomes IP1 Release database.

The MySQL format is a "dump" of the table; this is text file that contains not only the data but also the relational schema as well as indexing instructions. This file can be easily imported into MySQL on a local machine and will retain all the relational structure and indexing properties for maximum performance. Alternatively, we provide all the tables in a simple tab-delimited text format. These should be used in conjunction with the MySQL schema downloads that identify the columns and their data types in the delimited text files.

The downloads page contains instructions on how to use these files and how to verify the downloads using MD5 checksums.