October 15

New Database Added

dbSNP 138

See also the dbSNP summary page for release 138.


October 10

New Database Added

October 3

  • Some new queries, such as Trans Supp Evidence/DNA, were added to the Ensembl 64 - Human - Core database. These queries provide additional information on supporting data for transcripts and exons.
  • Minor updates were made to a number of Ensembl queries to improve performance.

October 1

August 20

August 19

New Features

The system for specifying genomic features has been substantially enhanced

  • The changes can be found by clicking the "Get/Configure Features (Advanced)" button in the Enter Genomic Features section.
  • We will soon update the User's Guide to reflect these changes (updated 8/20: see Querying Specific Genomic Features)
  • New features include the ability to select how features populate other features, such as selecting all transcripts that contain a given set variants.
  • You may also reconfigure the default order in which these relationships are processed, such as first selecting transcripts from variants and then selecting exons from transcripts.

July 23

  • Fixed an issue that was causing problems with Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

July 22

July 14

New Database Added

dbSNP 137

June 7

  • Some display issues in the Chrome web browser have been fixed
  • Some issues regarding LD proxy lookup have been fixed

April 10

  • A paper on the Biologic-Experiment-Result (BERT) data provenance model used in BioQ was publisehd the journal Bioinformatics
  • BioQ has moved to a new server - all services appear to be running normally
  • The October 2011 Release of 1000 Genome databases has been updated to version 2 to provide far more links of the sites to dbSNP rs IDs.


November 15

  • We've changed our Subversion server from https://saclab.net/svn to https://svn.saclab.net. The new URL uses a commercial certificate so you should no longer get warnings. You will need to re-checkout any existing directories, or just use the following command to update the URL:
svn switch --relocate https://saclab.net/svn/bioq/trunk/main/web https://svn.saclab.net/bioq/trunk/main/web


November 13

  • New database added: dbSNP 135
    • This version of dbSNP currently lacks the flanking sequence table _loc_flanking_seq which is only available in build 132 of the database. We're working on this and may add it later.

November 10

  • New database added: the November 2011 version of the NHGRI GWAS Catalog.
  • Some new features were added when viewing LD proxies for the query results. Now dbSNP mapping data can be inserted by clicking "Merge dbSNP". Previously any mapping data had to come from the actual query results, so if the LD proxies went outside those results you would not find mapping data for those variants.

November 8

October 31

  • Fixed a problem where dbSNP 134 tables were not available for download
  • Removed the sentence concerning downloads of dumps of complete databases on the downloads page. We are not providing dumps of complete downloads, but we may add features that make it easier to download a complete set of individual tables and load them into MySQL.

October 28

October 19

October 10