User's Guide


BioQ is a web application for retrieving data from genomic relational databases. It provides detailed documentation, powerful query tools and downloads of all databases. This guide explains in detail how to use BioQ.


A brief overview of BioQ's features.

Querying the Databases

BioQ provides a variety of query tools for getting an idea of what's in the databases. These tools should be useful to both the novice and the sophisticated SQL programmer.

Using the Documentation Browser

One of our core missions is to provide tools for understanding the data. Database documentation in BioQ can be navigated on a variety of levels. We hope to elucidate not only the data in each individual table, but also how the various tables relate to each. Understanding the data and their relationships is a key part of integrative genomics research.

Downloading Tables

Our final mission is to provide a downloads facility for retrieving genome-wide databases that include resources for building your own relational database.  This is essential if you wish to develop complex integrative algorithms and implement them on the a genome-wide scale. Our download section makes it easy to build your own relational database management system using the free, high-performance MySQL database management system.  For increased compatibility, we also provide plain tab-delimited text files and schema files that can be easily converted into just about any other format. 


We'll try to keep track of common issues with BioQ and post their solutions here.

Technical Guide

Technical information on how BioQ works and how the web application can be installed onto a local machine.