Known Issues

Clearing your browser's cache

Maybe common browsers such as Firefox and Chrome can suddenly lose their ability to use JavaScript so that BioQ and even Google become inoperable. Symptoms include images not appearing, buttons not working, and the general layout of the page becoming garbled. We have found that clearing the cache in the browser can solve this problem. Please see this web page for instructions on how to clear the cache in Firefox. Note that there is also a utility that allows you clear the cache by clicking a button on the Firefox toolbar, it can be found here. For Google Chrome, simply go to this URL: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData, and bookmark it for future use.

Overflowing text

If the you have increased the size of the text in your browser then the text may not display properly in the tables. You may ant to using "zoom" rather than "increase text size" in your browser. For example, in in Internet Explorer 8 there are separate controls for text size and zoom - consider setting text size to "medium" and then adjusting the zoom level. In Firefox 3 check that the zoom feature is not set to "zoom text only".

More Issues

You can view additional issues, along with detailed status information, at our JIRA issue server (the link will take you to a list of unresolved bugs, but you may also view other kinds of issues such as "new features").