Descriptions of Cell Line Metadata


General Metadata

The table below describes some of the fields found in the display of iPSCs and Fibroblasts in the catalog. Note that when the value of a field is blank for a given line that field is not displayed. For example, here is a line where only a subset of the possible fields are displayed; only the non-blank fields are shown.

Note that the term sister clone refers to one of a group of clones, such as for iPSCs, generated from a single fibroblast cell line (FCL).

Alternative LinesLines that may be used as alternatives for removed lines. These are chosen to have similar properties to the removed lines.Text
Cell Line IDThis is the "ND" NINDS Catalog ID shown at the top, it is not labeled"ND" + 5-digit numeric ID
Clone IDID (typically RUCDR) of individual clone picked from reprogramming of subject9-digit alphanumeric ID
Comprehensive QC CloneYes/No flag for sister clone with the most comprehensive QC packageYes/No
EditedThis is an edited cell lineYes/No
Editing MethodThe editing method, such as CRISPR/Cas9Text
Edit LocationThe mutation relevant to the editing processText
Gene EditedThe gene name, when applicable, for the editing mutationText

BID of Isogenic Pair

The biomaterial ID for the other line in the editing process"BID" + 5-digit numeric ID
BID of Source iPSCThe biomaterial ID for the source iPSC used in the editing process"BID" + 5-digit numeric ID
Freeze MethodMedia in which cells are frozenText
GMP GradeQuality of line. See our FAQ for more information on GMP quality lines.Research, GMP
Last UpdatedWhen the data for the line was last updated in the catalogDate
Main Clone IDCatalog ID of the sister clone with the most comprehensive QC9-digit alphanumeric ID
Passage at FreezePassage at time of freezeText
Percent CO2CO2 percentage during incubationPercentage
Percent O2O2 percentage during incubationPercentage
Reason RemovedWhy the line was removed from the catalogText
RemovedWhether the line has been removed from the catalogYes/No
Replaces LineThe line this line replaces"ND" + 5-digit numeric ID
RUIDThe internal RUCDR subject ID which is shown on the vials9-digit alphanumeric ID
SerumPercentage of serum in the mediaMay be descriptive text rather than numeric
Source CellSource cell used for iPSC derivationText
Source FCLID of Fibroblast used to derive cell line. When the line is not in the NINDS Catalog, a link is provided to an external source."ND" + 5-digit numeric ID
Split RatioRecommended plating ratio at time of passageText
Standard QC CloneYes/No flag for sister clone with the standard QC packageYes/No
SubstratePlate matrixText
TemperatureTemperature during incubationTemperature, possibly with F/C indicator
Reprogramming VectorMethod for delivering reprogramming transcription factorsText

QC+ icons

Some lines are designated as Comprehensive QC Clones. As described in the table above, this means the clone has the most comprehensive QC package. Such lines are highlighted with a special QC+ icon like this one for subject NDS00010:

GMP Grade Lines

Lines in the GMP Project can either be of Research grade or GMP grade. GMP grade lines require a special ordering process. Special icons indicate Research and GMP lines, as shown for subject NDS00263:

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