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This describes the process for finding and ordering cell lines in the NINDS Repository Catalog Application.


Some of our cell line IDs use the Coriell format "ND" + a 5-digit number left-padded with zeros. For example, ND38530. Beginning April 23, 2018 new cell lines added to our catalog will use an "NH" prefix rather than "ND". Note that cell lines IDs themselves are not ordered, only their associated biomaterials are ordered. See below.

Biomaterial IDs

Each cell line will have one more biomaterials associated with it, such as regrows of the same line. Biomaterial IDs are unique to the NINDS catalog and have the format "BID" + a 5-digit number left-padded with zeros. For example, BID00133. Orders are placed only for biomaterials, not for the cell lines themselves.

Additional Questions

For additional questions, such as on pricing, please Contact Us.