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A Tour of BioQ

BioQ is a web application for retrieving data from genomic relational databases. It provides detailed documentation and powerful query tools. It also allows you to download all the data from the databases in multiple formats.

The following is a brief tour showing BioQ's basic features. Click on a thumbnail for a larger image. Move the mouse to the left and right boundaries of the enlarged image and click the arrows that appear in order to navigate. See the User's Guide and Technical Guide for more detailed information.

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  1. in the Tour, the links for "lymphoblast culture" and "DNA extraction" go to the all tables page instead of a Coriell page . . . links are on the "detailed description of one table" page in the Tour. 

    ps–this may be related to update of the wiki, so ignore if that is the case! 

    1. Bill,

      Thanks for pointing this out.  Actually, that’s a screenshot so the links aren’t active. The actual BioQ page would be something like:

      Does that make sense?

      Maybe we should say something to this effect in tour description, or provide links to the actual pages in the descriptions of those screenshots?